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CLL : Club des Logiciels Libres

The CLLFST: Free Software Club within the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. The CLL was founded in May 2004 by a group of teachers and students, with the aim of making students aware of the various disciplines and the use of free software. In a technical and socio-cultural setting, the Free Software Club members organize, throughout the year, events that bring together Tunisian students from different specialties. On the other hand, the CLLFST organizes events every year in order to spread the philosophy of free in the student environment include: JLL Free Software Day, JSL High School Day, Code Sprint, Install Party (install Linux) Our members whose number exceeds 1500 on our Facebook group, are from different disciplines, future engineers, engineers, chemists, professors, students ... In short, our diversity is our strength!


JLL (Journée des Logiciels Libres) is a Free Software Day organized by CLL in the Faculty of Science in Tunis, on 29 February 2020. It's open for students, teachers and all IT enthousiasts. The day will be an experience as unique and beneficial as possible , including various workshops, competitions and conferences. Our theme for this year's JLL is DATA. whether you are joining us as a workshop participant , a competitor or coach , register accordingly here below :

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We are the organizer of the 13edition of the SFD

SFD 2018: Software Freedom Day 2018

What a great honor to the CLLFST to be the organizer of the successful  13edition of the SFD on collaboration with the Clibre community .
The evenet was saved at the 28 of novemebr 2018.
Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software through organizing diffrent conferences and workshops along the day .

Joindre Berexia


"Hack Ton Pfe" is an event that targets computer scientists with a taste for challenge and a urge to mark their early carrer. Well, CLL FST club is having the honor to be chosen by BEREXIA for organising this event that happened at the Department of Computer Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences TUNIS. The event took place over two days on 27 and 28 October 2018. 20 teams were pesent, each team had 2 persons. At the end of the contest 9 teams presented their work and 6 of them were FST's students. berexia.com

JLL 2017 : be free be secure

JLL: Journées des Logiciels Libres

As part of spreading the spirit of open source, the CLLFST organizes, each year, Free Software Day : an event on the field of computer science and more specifically free software. This event is considered one of the biggest events organized by the clubs IT attended by representatives of free communities, professionals in the field, and professors from different schools and computer institutes. Speakers Companies are often invited to enrich our event with their expertise.

KEY 2016: Unlock the power

KEY: Keep Extending Yourself

The key, a sign of communication, a strong symbol of knowledge, refers to what makes it possible to understand and interpret. To possess the key is to possess the means to access a wealth, a discovery. In this context, the Club of Free Software at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (CLLFST) organizes with full of enthusiasm and motivation, the event KEY who will expand the horizons of knowledge, and give its participants access to an intoxicating cultural mix through 'quality debates'. An innovative conference that will not only provide an opportunity to broaden the spirit, but also contribute to personal development of participants by ensuring a positive and inspiring atmosphere.

More than 8 awards in two years.

SFD: Software Freedom Day

"Software Freedom Day". This festival is an annual event launched with the aim of initiating the general public to free software and invite them to enjoy it in various fields : Education, the economy or by governments. This year, CLLFST joined the SFD with a total of more than 70 members, 7 projects completed since September 2016, and entered into competition with other clubs to snatch in the end 8 awards at the 2016 and 2017 edition .

We are international

Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) has been held every year since 2000, in cities in France or neighboring francophone countries and have since welcomed thousands of visitors from many countries to discover, share, program and celebrate free software. First of all, these meetings consist on a series of thematic conferences and second they are about stands and workshops where the visitor can contact associations or companies within the framework of Free and its uses . the Free Software Club was present in France during the LSM 2017 and 2018, its contribution consisted on installing a stand to implement the projects of its members and to prove its contribution in the field of free.

Think 'free speech' not 'free beer'

Richard Stallman Conference

Mid-February, the media woke up on the news of the arrival of RMS in Tunis. Richard Stallman, who initiated the free software movement in 1983, was invited and welcomed by the Free Software Club which also invited the Minister of Information Technologies and communications.

"Programming is not a science. Programming is a craft"


Willing to stay active, motivated and fruitful, the Free Software Club provides different workshops all over the year. The themes are chosen according to its members' needsc in order to share the knowledge already gained and exchange experiences.

We are a family

Entertainment Activities

Entertainment activities are an essential part of our experience here at CLLFST, creating unique friendship opportunities. And as hiking is a free practice, we choose together each year a new destination to forget the exhaustion and share good moments in nature where we enjoy a lot of fun games .. We have also our little specific activity "KOOl PARTY" , it's a little cooking competition between girls and boys

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