JLL : ( Journée des Logiciels Libres) or as we like to call it the anniversary of our club .
A very important event and an opportunity for anyone interested in freedom philosophy to share his thoughts and enlighten the minds of the curious.
This event takes place in FST. Our day starts with welcoming the teams, making contacts and inspiring young spirits.
Then, the  members of our club are delighted to give you live demonstrations of our workshops. though meeting , chatting and exchanging ideas ( for free) is the first goal of such ceremony , enlightening minds and eyes with a brilliant content both consisting and funny is a must we are pleased to ensure . We select speakers for you to incite you to discover freedom and to give you a reason why you should be passionate about  our philosophy.
This event has been and will always be a great opportunity to gather , work together , and produce richer ideas… Pretty interesting , and most of all fun ! we will be thrilled to have you among us during next version!!

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